2022年度 国際シンポジウム「International network for Asian and African researchers in environmental radiation for health management to radiation exposure」を開催しました


2023年3月3日(金)First International Conference on Radiation Awareness and Detection in Natural Environment, Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical and Natural Sciences, Dehradun & Govt Degree College Dehradun Shahar, Dehradun, India

Kazumasa INOUE (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Constructing an international network among Asian and African researchers in environmental radiation for health management of radiation exposure

Sarata Kumar SAHOO (QST)
Rapid method for the measurement of Sr-90 and its application to contaminated Fukushima soils affected by Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS) accident using thermal ionization mass spectrometry

What are the challenging problems and issues in radiation biology? Connection to environmental radiation research.

B.S. BAJWA (Guru Nanak Dev University)
Contamination of groundwater by Uranium in SW& NW regions of Punjab: a comparative study

Rawiwan KRITSANANUWAT(Chulalongkorn University)
Natural radioactivity measurement and NORM studies at Chulalongkorn University

Mukesh Prasad (Chitkara University)
Studies on occurrence and hazard assessment of uranium in potable groundwater sources of Uttarakhand, India

Rohit Mehra (NIT Jalandhar)
Application of biokinetic models for equating doses and risks from chemical toxicity of uranium in ground waters

Satvir Singh (CT institute of Engineering, Management and Technology)
Comparative analysis of TiO2 and its MWCNT based composite (TiO2-MWCNT) for promising uranium (VI) scavengers

Sara Taha Sayed Sakr (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Evaluation of radionuclide content and their correlation with radon-thoron exhalation in Abu Rusheid rock samples in Egypt

Thennarassan Natarajan (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Geochemical approach to understand the natural enhanced level of rare earthelements, Th and U in the River sediments of Kanyakumari, India

R.C. Ramola (HNB Garhwal University)